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Salmon Lovers’ Bowl

A Portion of Baked Salmon, half Salmon, half Smoked Salmon, Corn, Carrots, Red Onion, and Mixed Greens for the Veggies. Finally, topped with Crunchy Onions, Coconut Sauce, & Spicy Poke Sauce


Shaka Bowl

Yellowtail, spicy tuna, seaweed salad, avocado, & cucumber, mango,

topped off with tempura flakes, wasabi mayo & poke sauce (sesame soy sauce).

$14.85| 580 Cal


Tuna, salmon, kani(crabstick), avocado, cucumber, spinach, seaweed salad, topped off with tempura flakes, yum yum sauce and poke sauce (sesame soy sauce).

$14.75| 660 Cal

Volcano Bowl

$12.35| 660 Cal

Mt. Fuji Chicken Bowl

Teriyaki chicken, spinach, mixed greens, carrot, & cucumber. Recommended with teriyaki sauce.

$9.45 | 570 Cal

Hawaiian Bowl

Two servings of chopped tuna, mixed greens, avocado, & cucumbers, topped off with green onions, & tempura flakes, poke sauce (sesame soy sauce).

$11.80 | 580 Cal

Fire Bowl

Chopped tuna, chopped salmon, avocado, & cucumber, kimchi, jalapeno, topped off with spicy mayo.

$12.25 |550 Cal

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