Create Your Own Sushi Burrito

The Sushi Burrito

Combines The Best Parts of Two Culinary Classics. Wrapped Like a Sushi Roll but with the Garnishes and Sauces Inside! The final Roll is Left Uncut and Wrapped In Burrito Paper, Perfect for Enjoying Your Favorite on the Go!

Choose Your Wrap

Seaweed Wrap

Soy Paper Wrap


Choose Your Protein

VEGETARIAN – Agé Tofu $8.00
VEGETARIAN – Baked Tofu $8.00
VEGETARIAN- Shiitake Mushroom$8.50
COOKED – Kani (crabstick)$7.50
COOKED – Spicy Crab$7.65
COOKED – Shrimp$8.20
COOKED – Unagi (eel)$9.75
RAW – Yellowtail$9.60
COOKED – Teriyaki Chicken$9.20
COOKED – Chicken Tempura$8.20
COOKED – Shrimp Tempura$8.45
RAW – Spicy Tuna$8.15
RAW – Tuna$8.15
RAW – Salmon$8.35
RAW – Smoked Salmon$8.95
COOKED- Baked Salmon$8.95
Veggies Only (No Protein)$7.25

Choose Your Toppings

Red Onions

Choose Your Sauce

Add Garnish

Chili Powder

Crunchy Onions $0.50

Seaweed Strips

Sesame Seeds

Tempura Flakes



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