Create Your Own Poke Bowl

Our Chefs, Your Poke Bowl!

Will Feature Your Favorite Base, Proteins, Veggies, Sauces, and Garnishes of Your Choice For a Meal That’s as Unique as You Are!

Choose a Base

 White Rice

 Brown Rice

Mixed Green



Choose Your Protein

VEGETARIAN – Agé Tofu $8.00
VEGETARIAN – Baked Tofu $8.00
VEGETARIAN- Shiitake Mushroom$8.50
COOKED – Kani (crabstick)$7.50
COOKED – Spicy Crab$7.65
COOKED – Shrimp$8.20
COOKED – Unagi (eel)$9.75
RAW – Yellowtail$9.60
COOKED – Teriyaki Chicken$9.20
COOKED – Chicken Tempura$8.20
COOKED – Shrimp Tempura$8.45
RAW – Spicy Tuna$8.15
RAW – Tuna$8.15
RAW – Salmon$8.35
RAW – Smoked Salmon$8.95
COOKED- Baked Salmon$8.95
Veggies Only (No Protein)$7.25

Choose Your Toppings

Red Onions

Choose Your Sauce

Add Garnish

Chili Powder

Crunchy Onions $0.50

Seaweed Strips

Sesame Seeds

Tempura Flakes



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